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Y’all come now!

I love the word y’all. It’s English for ustedes. You is English for usted and thee means tu. Spanish lesson aside, I spent  today sending out emails to all the bloggers that  either have attended past blogger meet and greets or said that they want to attend this year. Even with 35 people in the contact list for the convention, I am afraid that I missed someone. I also have spamfolderphobia, a irrational fear that my emails are ending up in spam folders and never seen by the intended recipients.
The convention is soon, Friday, November 12th is the meet and greet, if you are coming please send an email to the registration email account which is theresainmexico at gmail dot com. Please send me your urrl so I can add it to the list. This is a different email than the one for ¿What Do I Do All Day? if I had thought it through it would have been registrationatLABC but maybe next year?
Speaking of next year, does anyone want to host the convention in another part of Mexico? What a great excuse to travel around the Republic!
Like the title says Y’all come now!

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Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. lynette, if you are here now, you can come to the meet and greet on Friday night at MELL. That’s open to bloggers and the all important readers of blogs.Since I have absolutely no psychic ability whatsoever, I have no idea how to list a blog on a blog roll if there is no urrl for the blog yet. Or is that precognitive ability? anyway couple that with my general lack of tech ability, all I can say that when you do start a blog, send me a link so I can become a reader of your blog!!

  2. wish i could join y’all just to meet my favorite bloggers. once i make the move permanently i will be blogging about my experience in mexico, so perhaps y’all could add me to the list o’ future bloggers. or perhaps not. but at least now i know to ask.

  3. 2ericc, I wonder how many other people wanted to come but couldn’t find the email? It’s all a learning curve, but my (not so)secret hope is that someone else in another part of Mexico will sponsor the next one! See you there!

    Karen, why shucks mam, we do am to please.

    Randy, are you coming to the conference?


  4. As an American living in Merida Mexico now for 11 years, I can certainly say that this beautiful city must be on every travelers to do list. For more info visit http://www.TravelMerida.com

  5. Just wanted to drop in to say hi, and best wishes for your blog conference. Who knows maybe someday I will be able to attend. Also wanted to add “Bravo” (am I picking that up from you?) on your correct spelling of y’all as a true southerner it is seldom I see it spelled correctly, even by southerners!

  6. MANY THANKS (in advance) to the organizers for putting energy into this event while still entertaining us with their blogs. You folks are so generous!

    And thanks for the invitation (“Y’all come now”). Until recently, it has been somewhat inscrutable to learn how to register or get invited to participate. I’ve gathered that those who blog about Latin America are invited to have their URL (their blog address) displayed at the virtual site for the conference, if they wish to participate, here: latinamericanbloggersconference.blogspot.com/ .

    But I could find no invitation to register at that site, so you need to be a bit assertive if you have a blog which you want listed, and want to participate in the conference! Just send a link for your blog to Theresa.

    Hey, anybody can participate! She even put my blog up after I left a comment saying that I “couldn’t find the door to the Registrar’s Office.” (But would I really want to join a club which would let me in the door?)

    ~eric. (“hatcat”)

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